What new models have come out from the three most popular watch brands in 2020?

The year 2020 is coming to an end and although it has been a difficult year for the Swiss watch industry, watch lovers did not wait for the crazy price reduction promotions by watch brands, people did not even feel the depression in the Swiss watch industry at all, and although Geneva and Baselworld were cancelled this year, it did not affect the major watch brands in any way to release their latest models for 2020.

Watch enthusiasts often ask which are the top three most popular watch brands in China. Whether it is based on watch brand popularity, or watch consumption rankings, Rolex, Cartier and Omega are firmly in the top three positions in China. Looking up the global sales of watches over the past few years, Rolex, Omega and Cartier are also as solid as they come.

Many watch lovers may be incredulous that Cartier can be so popular and have such high sales – after all, straight men overlook the superb spending power of women. Today we’ll take stock of what new models Rolex, Cartier and Omega have launched in 2020!


Cartier’s new 2020 Pasha collection has a square minute track with a round dial, the opposing elements subtly interpreting a harmonious aesthetic; the four Arabic numerals are large and eye-catching, very modern. The striking style successfully challenges the dominant round shape, revealing its unique character.

The Maillon de Cartier is a compact and geometrically pleasing watch with three-dimensional bracelet links arranged at a 32-degree angle, which allows flexibility and ensures comfort when wearing the watch. This is a jewellery watch designed by Cartier specifically for women.

The latest model from the Santos-Dumont collection, to be precise, has a wide dial on the wrist, bringing out the essence of style. The most distinctive feature is the slimness and refinement of its case compared to the older Santos models, which pleases some small-wristed watch lovers.


The latest Rolex 2020 model has received more attention, with not too many changes to the Submariner. It simply increases the diameter of the original 40mm watch to 41mm. Also the dials on all models have been changed to black dials.
The Oyster Perpetual is available in five brightly coloured colours to cater for the younger generation. There are three sizes to suit both men and women. The cool colour scheme is in line with today’s consumer mentality of seeking diversity, individuality and youthfulness, which is the first reaction to seeing the new Perpetual Motion.

Omega launched a number of new models in 2020, but it seems that because of the lack of publicity many watch lovers are actually not very clear. The Seamaster 150, with its sunburst polished dial, is decorated with a unique horizontal “teak” texture inspired by the teak decks on luxury sailing ships. The main differences from the older models are the position of the calendar window and the change in the dial pattern.

The latest version of the Seamaster 300 is probably the most popular model of the year, with its inexplicably intimate design of sunken waves and its dial in the new technology of zirconium oxide ceramic with finely polished recesses. This, together with the addition of the leading role of Biden senior, is proof of its success.

The new Die Feu and the new Constellation have received mixed reviews, with many watch lovers complaining that the look is not very revolutionary or does not give the watch the same sense of class as the old model.

Whether the new model is a plaything or a new classic is a matter of opinion, but after the test of time we will always see the final answer. Old watch enthusiasts usually advise newcomers not to blindly choose the latest models, as there are many older classics that have stood the test of the market after all.

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