30 and 40 year old men still missing a diving watch for summer? What do you think about the Rolex Green Marine

Summer is the season for dive watches, and when it comes to dive watches, the Rolex Green Ghost must be a choice that cannot be bypassed. Let’s talk to you about the Green Marine today.

In many people’s minds, Rolex is just plain and tacky, worn only by the rich and famous. But this Green Watch breaks the stereotype of Rolex, with a distinctive and eye-catching green dial design that easily shows off the wearer’s personality and confidence.

At 40mm, the watch is easy to handle and the green dial and bezel are the most striking features. Rolex’s brand colour is green, and if there is one colour that defines Rolex, it can only and will only be green.

The green colour of the Green Ghost is very much its own, a verdant green, full of life and vitality,replica rolex submariner a beautiful green. In addition to its primary colour of green, the bezel and bezel are matched with white indexes, which are both harmonious and not overlooked, and the normal reading of the time is still very clear.

The caseback is the same closed-back design as always, which is less interesting for viewing the movement, but gives better water resistance and makes the watch more robust and resistant. Inside is the 3135 movement, also recognised by all as an accurate and stable movement with a very low return rate.

All in all, the Green Aquarius is a rather beautiful dive watch that definitely looks brighter in the hand than a traditional black and white dial watch. Whether it’s a rigid suit or a casual sports outfit, pairing it with a Green Watch will add the finishing touch and enhance your taste. If you like replica watches, you can have one made to order and wear it for seven or eight years.

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